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Wood it is.

UglyHouseWe didn’t need that extra $30k anyway.
After much angsting back and forth and driving round looking at every single house in the world, we’ve finally decided that we can’t live with aluminium window frames. This may be a monumentally expensive decision that we regret forever (especially as I’ve been out painting damn window frames in the wind this morning, cursing a lot!!!!!) but I just don’t like the look of them.



James has just returned from another very welcome session with the wonderful Ian Biggs. Bigsy is a designer/builder who unfortunately (for us – probably not for him) is unavailable to do our build, but is a good friend of friends, and has in the past been incredibly helpful with our outrageous clueless endeavours. Again he’s just spent a good couple of hours with James tonight, going over all of our plans and very generously offering some excellent and timely advice. James’ head  looks like it’s about to explode.

All Ian got out of it was a couple of bottles of Trappiste beer, hope he likes the stuff as it looked like tar to me. Best deal yet for us. Thank you Ian, very much appreciated.




Ok so we’re starting to get down and dirty with all this house stuff now. James is actually demanding I engage, (there are a few ‘Incredibles’ quotes slipping out from time to time). Windows have been the discussion for the last day or so. Windows. So everyone knows you want wooden windows right? Look nicer, don’t leak heat, look nicer.

I know, we live in a hurricane zone what are we thinking, but… aluminium? I know they’re terribly house & garden but I just hadn’t really considered aluminium I just always thought we’d have wooden, I hadn’t really ‘engaged’. That was until we got the quotes in.

So I think one came in at about $80k, $70k from some other folk and then a nice little cheapy at $65k . The first aluminium quote on the other hand was a very reasonable $41k.

Ben sent us a pic of a kitchen he did for some friends in aluminium with wooden facing and you get the kind of look you see above. $24k says I think I can live with it.

Dinner4MarTired, fast dinner. Grilled salmon with a cabbage noodle salad with the left over fish sauce, chilli and lime dressing from last night. Yum.


Tonight’s delicious array.
Fried Moki, roast cauliflower and a vaguely asian themed salad of cucumber, peanuts, red onion and oh, crayfish.
With a fish sauce, lime and chilli dressing.
Thanks to the baby P for photo.