Day 3: Finding out where we are

Well, since you’re wondering, the chainsaw woke up with a normal temperature and rosy cheeks ready for action. I celebrated its return to health by cutting down all remaining trees on the section. We gathered the branches into a pile the size of a small house and left the digger to get on with clearing all remaining vegetation and the top layer of soil (which is about 90% assorted rubbish and bottles courtesy of the previous owners who had discovered a brilliant way to avoid paying for council rubbish bags. Mongrels.).



Next it was time to find out where we are. This involved cajoling (the professional classes: why do they always make you beg?) a surveyor to spend a couple of hours onsite in order to tell us what we already know: that we’re up on a hill in south Wellington. Quite high up. Oh, and to provide two of these lovely green pegs.



A snip at only $1500. Best. Green. Pegs. Ever. Of course he couldn’t put them on the boundary or that would require documents being fed to the bureaucracy and an additional$1500 charge. Not being one to stint on the service he also banged a nail into the edge of the neighbours deck. Not just any nail but a bright silver one with a big “S” on top. I thought this probably stood for “survey” but Tanea reckons it more likely stands for “sucker”.

Towards the end of the day who should show up but a couple of tree guys. In the last daylight hour they managed to turn our mountain of greenery into a middling pile of mulch. The sound of the mulcher brought Ana up from five doors along asking if she could make off with “just a few bucket-loads”. Makes a change from people bothering us for cups of sugar I guess.


Final achievement for the day was the appearance of Ben (Whiteman) and Jonathon (Café au lait man) to lift the glasshouse frame out of the way onto the front lawn (there to support the growth of leggy weeds for the next 6 months or so).


So we now have a bank of bare dirt and a hillock of mud and bottles where the lawn used to be. Feels like home already.




2 thoughts on “Day 3: Finding out where we are

    1. taneac Post author

      Exciting, yes. Though mixed with a slight crushing sensation as the weight of the mortgage begins to settle across our shoulders. No subdivision for us; just the 2 dwellings on the 1 title.


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