Day 15: Weather


And lots of it.

There have been a few matters that, in another climate, in another town, might have been cause for delays to the project. The council finding some paperwork missing for instance. Or the engineers failing to reply to email requests to produce Earthworks Methodologies. But all of that ends up being immaterial when you’re being buffeted by 130k+ southerly gusts and strafed by sleety hail. We wouldn’t be out there working even if we were street-legal.

In anticipation of the wet weather the digger cleared out and we lay heavy polythene out over the ground that had been cut for building platforms so it wouldn’t get too saturated (we know how cross our neighbour down the hill would be if we were to slide a big pile of mud down on her: EXTREMELY). In anticipation of the strong winds we weighed the plastic down with big lumps of concrete and rock and timber and steel.






Of course it wasn’t enough, was it?

While the last foolish ferry toiled out through the heads into the pounding sea,


Susan next door came to alert us to the fact that the plastic was about to lift off, along with all the weighty business on top of it.

An hour or so out on the sloped gulag, lugging frozen rocks through knee deep porridgey mud, slithering about like a hog on ice and we were back in control, though the perimeter fence of corrugated iron was threatening to pull out the warratahs and hurtle housewards.

Apparently the wind will die off tonight, so Tam’s coming in tomorrow to mark out the site with greater precision. We’ve had a surveyor through who has assured us that Ben’s original design was accurate enough to keep us safe from future height plane disputes. The engineer never did respond to the request to supply the council with an Earthworks Methodology so I wrote the damn thing myself (I can offer it as a template if anyone needs one in future). I thought I’d secured an engineer to come and test the load bearing capacity of the the ground tomorrow (and thence to adjust the foundation design to suit) but I’ve just received an email from his boss to say he won’t be coming till Thursday). Engineers eh? Sometimes I feel like sending them on a good, invigorating ferry crossing.


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