Day 81: The next level

Had mother been the sort of woman who primed me with aphorisms instead of obscure puns she might have said: if you haven’t got anything worthwhile to say then don’t say anything at all. And had I been the sort of son who paid attention to such hypothetical schooling I might be able to explain my quiet spell by pointing out that there hasn’t been much to report over the last week and a bit.

But actually there’s been lots going on, though mostly of the not-much-to show-for-it variety. These are the slab preparation days: many barrow loads of compactable fill, much compaction, setting up of profiles, running strings and checking heights and levels. For muggins here this mostly means digging rock from when I get home till when the sun departs (later and later these days).


Day81RaisedBedDay81Prep2Day81Prep3Day81Prep5And then suddenly we’re at the point where we need to set the main waste drains (sewer and stormwater) into the ground beneath where the slab is going to be. More digging.

Day81Prep4Day81Prep6Today though, another development and a little bit of excitement. The structural steel chaps showed up and once they’d worked out how to rectify the small matter of two beams being too short (answer: weld an extra bit on of course!) they got cracking and tacked them in place on top of those TV aerial-like bits of reinforcing that made us go backwards a few weeks ago (see Day 57 for a refresher).



Day81Prep8It’s always visually exciting to see a new 3D element, marking out, in this case, where the bay windows are going to pop out. (Where a number of daybeds will sit invitingly I remind myself as I look up from my digging.)

Day81DayBedAlso, from a project point of view, Tam and the guys will be able to push ahead with the construction of the floor over the basement which in turn will set them up to start putting up the frames. Meantime there’s a way to go on the slab prep: getting the drains in, inspected and covered over; putting in the polystyrene insulation sheets, plastic, tying the steel. Oh, and digging one more trench (or key) beneath the line of the back retaining wall.

I wonder who will get that job?


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