Day 101: What a difference a day makes



Day101NearlyFloorFloor of the front bedrooms almost thereDay101NogsNogging nogging noggingDay101CatSid tests out the new day bed.Day101FramesBlock work half completed, halted due to severe wind, frames onsite and ready to go up.Day101BlockworkDoneBlock work completed, site ready for a clean-upDay101SteelSteel goes up. This lot extending from Pearl’s room up to the dining roomDay101Steel2James surveying the steelworkDay101MudNot much to look at from the backDay101SkylineBut looking a bit more promising from the road belowDay101PanoramaA mash-up panorama of the lower floor showing the framework belted up in a day. It didn’t stop raining/hailing and there was a howling southerly all day. Betty made the boys a cake last night, so they must have felt obliged to stay and tough it out.Day101Betty'sCupboardBetty hiding in her cupboardDay101StudyPearl excited to discover the studyDay101SmallIsGoodTanea being reminded of the Zoolander model but smiling on the outside, James falling asleep standing upDay101James'sRoomThe basement combining water tank storage and ping pong room. Or as Betty has decided, the kid’s ‘hang out zone’. Just needs a telly and a couple of new beanbagsDay101Family


One thought on “Day 101: What a difference a day makes

  1. Heather Ward

    Don’t make my lawyers talk to yours. I came around for the prospect of unlimited bears. Given my proclivities, why wouldn’t I? Noone said anything about a “free work out”. Are you suggesting that I suffer from “unexplained abdominal fat” and need the aforementioned workout?


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