Day 121: Long time, no blog

What is that: Red Indian? Anyway, it sometimes seems easier to dig trenches through rock and profile stairs than find time to write about it. Here’s what’s been happening in the intervening weeks.

When last we communicated the first level floor had gone down and the frames had been put into place. What followed was a long period of truing the frames up, securing them, then putting the next level floor joists in place. The builders take their time about this; if the frames aren’t properly square and the joists level then the irregularities amplify as we move up to the next floor. Interestingly they still use string to check most of their lines. This would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that every other day has seen winds in excess of 140 kmh. Don’t be surprised if some of the straight lines have a gentle curve in them….

Day121FrameTrueView from Betty’s room to the north. Lots of cross bracing timber holding everything square. We may want to keep that in even after the build’s finished. Just cos.

Day121BedroomSouthView from our bedroom looking south. We insist on less bracing so we can still enjoy the view during construction. After all: it’s our house.

To get the joists level the builders use packers of various dimensions. Where once you’d have a lad sawing bits of 4 x 2 off for this purpose, in these post-apprenticeship times the human element has been replaced by a box of pre-dimensioned, colour-coded plastic strips.


A pack o’ packers


You’ve got to admit, it make for a nice flat floor


Well, Betty thinks so anyway. Here she lays claim to the space above her room too…

As the floor joists go in you start to get a sense of the flow into the house from the lawn. You also get a pretty good idea of how well the current house (soon to be filled with renters) gets to see into our new house.


The view back. How far we’ve come only turns out to be about 40 metres.

Evidently word has got around that visitors to our site are put to work for extended periods. Visitors have become fewer and further between. They look at progress furtively then claim to have hairdresser appointments. And why not? Everyone needs their hair doing now and again, especially in this wind. I’m hoping, though, that once I finish the last of the digging through rock for the last slab people will return in droves. This last slab is for the tv/guest room that will open onto the deck. Its discrete size belies the resistance it put up. The further back into the lawn I dug the harder the rock got. It was back out with a Kango hammer for aptly named Labour weekend. There was considerable satisfaction once it was all trimmed and lovely.


Keys dug, the foundation of the slab sits ready for boxing

In the midst of all this Kango hammering we received a visit from a strange marsupial. Coincidence? I think not.


Don’t just hop about; pick up a hammer!

Feeling that I was less than sufficiently receptive to his bouncy goodness, Luka looked for a more appreciative audience. He found it in the two people who were  hitherto sitting watching me dig…

Day121TaneaAndBettyAt last: something worth watching


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