The Desolation of Trademe

Monday morning started with a little more than the usual sense of chore yesterday after having missed the boat for a couple of alterations to window detailing, and the devastating loss of what was to be the pièce de résistance of the entranceway to the house on a Sunday night Trademe disaster. Having bid well beyond what we could sensibly afford we watched ‘cairothecat’ take what was rightfully ours. Cairothecat!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr… (shakes fists!!!!)

(See the stunning light-fitting we failed to secure directly below…)


So not being one to have a particularly strong interest in things from the middle of the earth it was with another slightly miserable sigh that I greeted the afternoon news that Pearl had been given tickets to the Gala Premiere of the latest Hobbit movie and she needed me to come with her. Tam kindly offered to put on a wig and frock and go in my place but his feet are just too big for my heels. I didn’t mean to be a total Grinch but I was quite tired after a long day of sulking about my wonderful light fitting and the movie promised to be THREE hours long. As it turned out the Jackson camp had deemed that all proceeds from the gig were to be donated to the simply marvelous Island Bay Marine Education Centre – where Pearl volunteers – and the wonderful Jules who runs it all had Pearl on his calling list.

CouncilGateAs we raced to make the 5.50pm ticket pick-up deadline I had to stop and take a quick snap of a council housing block that has a gate that I just love and have decided we should colour the house to. It’s just the ‘right’ blue and the charcoal is pretty perfect too (we probably don’t need an intercom, but I do think the safety warning about not climbing over railings is pretty sage advice).
PearlHobbitSo feeling consoled by the fact that at least we could have ‘Wellington City Council flats security gate’ paint colours, I was relaxing into Dolby Atmos, a pork pie, glass of bubbly and many a NZ celebrity to perv at, when I received a call from the Antique shop that had sold the coveted chandelier to say it turned out they had another fine specimen of the same ilk, and would I like to purchase it? (having previously left them a grovelling ‘if anything happens to the sale whimper whimper’ message).


The major down side, of course, was that they generously offered it to us at the same exhorbitant price we’d chased ‘cairothecat’ to, during the auction (there’s justice), but just look at it... 1100cm of pure ‘wideness’, Reserve Bank of New Zealand circa 1980 – your loss!

So I’m not sure if it was the afterglow of 80’s chrome success, but as a Hobbity aside I think after all these years I’m finally a convert. The Desolation of Smaug was absolutely great and I just can’t wait to go again to take Betty.

The snack pack by Ruth was Pretty yummy too.


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