Day 170: Busy busy world

A hot day today, with changeable weather. And, pleasingly, a site that looked like it had been illustrated by this gentleman:


Richard Scarry

No sign of Lowly Worm, Huckle or Bananas Gorilla but plenty of others and…


I’d been pushing to get a number of things done ahead of Christmas with the main goal of completing a pre-line inspection before the council closed down for the whole of January. Passing a pre-line inspection will allow us to spend the summer putting up Gib, painting and plastering while, hopefully, the builders will complete closing in the exterior. Although as I noted previously the upper floor windows won’t be coming till early in February so those openings will need to be closed in with framing, ply and plastic if we’re to keep the inside dry enough for this work.

Although we’ve had the lower floor windows for a week now we’re still waiting for flashings to arrive before they can be installed. In the new environment of heightened concern for weather tightness each window has four different flashing types: a sill flashing that runs from under the sill out over the weatherboards; a head flashing that covers a drip sill above the window; jamb flashings that run each side and are rebated into the window frames; and a flexible flashing that covers the entire window opening. Good luck to any weather hoping to sneak in around the windows.

In the meantime I got on the phone and started cajoling various recalcitrant tradespeople to come around and do their bit. They have all been fending me off for a while now, no doubt being cajoled from other quarters to get things done before the break. For the pre-line inspection I need the roof and spouting installed, the plumbing and wiring and, finally, the insulation in the walls. I booked the wall insulation for this Thursday which meant I needed get all the other drilling out of walls and pulling of cables and pipes done before that. Following the law of the ineffable convergence of tradesfolk, today turned out to be the day they all chose to come, to wit:

  • 2 x Chorus guys putting in the phone line
  • 2 x electricians
  • 3 x continuous spouting guys
  • 4 x plumbers
  • 2 x insulation chaps (getting ahead by doing the upstairs ceiling
  • 6 x builders
  • 1 x partridge in 1 x pear tree

Not to mention:

  • 1 x Pearl
  • 1 x James

It also happened to be the day that a roading crew came to reseal Buckley Rd. A young man in tarry overalls popped in to say that all cars needed to be shifted from the roadside or they would be towed, and so there began an extended period of car, van and ute shuffling until we had them all safely stowed somewhere on site (big yellow in pole position by the garage naturally). It was a bit like being back in Bangkok really, only with fewer roadside food stalls.

I should have charged for parking. Might’ve helped with the debt burden resulting from Tanea’s “chandelier” purchase…


“You’ll need to move the Bighorn to shift the Hiace to get to the Mondeo to move the other Hiace to get to the Stagea…”Day170CarsOutFrontA bit tough on the greensward

Things got so congested I decided to dismantle the scaffolding outside the front entrance just to facilitate the flow of blokes carrying drills and spools of cable and whatnot from hither to yon and back again. The builders retreated to the outer reaches to put up weatherboards and offer dry observations on the various interlopers.


Ian carries on with the soffits, studiously ignoring Ashton the spouting man 

Day170InsulationManInsulation going into the ceiling; nice to see the young folk wearing protective gear

Everyone rubbed along pretty well, although the race by electricians and plumbers to drill out as much framing timber as possible eventually led to a stand-off when Jonathon from Expert Electrical discovered that the Matt from Carrington Pluming had run radiator pipes into the corner he had reserved for the communications flush box.


“But I’d already bagsed this corner…”

Mind you, when you see how many pipes and wires there are to run, you can see how there might be a bit of a premium on the best bits of wall for drilling.


Pipes and wires akimbo

The day ended with the ceiling insulated, the spouting mostly up, the wires and pipes mostly in, and the builders generally amused with the goings on. I made myself useful laying out the sewer line which runs along the neighbours bank before dropping into a trench, a task that has been preying on my mind for some time. All I need now is to disguise the pipe behind some timber and see if the neighbours are happy.


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