By popular demand: what we did in the holidays…

So as this blog is doubling as ‘letter writing back home’, we interupt house progress with a little photo essay of our days away in the bush. Unfortunately modern technology failed me and my cellphone battery died part way in, so I didn’t quite capture our annual family Christmas day photo, but you get the general idea.

Bush3The long haul in, all 1 1/2 hrs of it.
Note appropriate tramping footwear on James’s part.


First stirrings of a deck.

Bush4A welcome glass with Pippa.

Bush11Assuming the position around the fire.

Bush10Betty writes a hopeful letter to Santa while Tim conducts an imaginary choir of carol-ists.

Bush9A beautiful Christmas morning.


Just a few planks short of a deck.

Christmas LunchChristmas lunch.

Bush6Post Christmas lunch.

Bush7Initial rock walling. Don’t tell Pip, but despite telling her it’d be a piece of cake, I have absolutely NO idea whatsoever how to build a rock-wall. But what could possibly go wrong?

Bush1The walk out.

Lovely couple of days with lovely folk. Thanks Pip n Tim.

A quick return to house news as I’ve noticed a little dis-quiet on the painting the house ‘black’ front – you know who you are…

Here’s a shot of the first coat on the weatherboards of the family room and then a very skilled ‘artists impression’ illustrating the need for the dark colour.


Strong coloured flowers, you get me now?
Perfect right!


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