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Day 220: Feeling the pinch

Having got our hands in with the Gibbing of the downstairs ceiling, we set to work on the walls. Tam passed on the tricks of the trade (10mm gap between the bottom of the sheet and the floor, no vertical joins off the top corners of doors, all to avoid plaster cracking in the event of an earthquake, etc.) and bought a new screw gun, particularly helpful given the huge numbers of screws used in the Gib bracing elements.


Lucky red socks also seemed to help


Note the tight screw pattern in the corners; apparently makes the whole joint earthquake proof


Waterproof green Gib for the bathroom

While we were getting the Gib up the builders were working on the windows and starting to get the deck down. There had been considerable discussion (not to mention harrumphing) over my choice of decking timber. Ages ago I found a supplier in Nelson to ship me a pack of Eucalyptus Delegatensis planks. Being gum it’s a hard, durable timber. Only problem was that the timber was very wet, and even 6 months of drying in Brett’s shed hadn’t done much to season it. Moreover, it was rough-sawn and so it needed running through Brett’s thicknesser to get it to a reasonable finish and consistent gauge. Ian set himself the task of making the roughly gauged timber fit for such a high-class deck, sanding the top and planing an arris on the edges. Since the planks are still drying, we were worried about movement, so they were pinned in place by lots of meaty great stainless steel purlin screws. The result seemed worth the effort.


How wet and heavy? You get a sense from the bend in the roof rack… Day220IansSetUp

Ian’s deck-perfecting set up

Day220Deck1Makes for a pretty perfect deck


Which even goes well with the perky blue of the shiplap

While Ian hogged the glamour work, Stan and Sef did the equally important job of setting up the balustrade posts. They’re the perfect guys to have on the job; if the posts hold them they’ll hold anyone.


The first post


Betty tries the deck out as a dance floor 

It’s all starting to come together, but the hefty building bills are starting to take their toll. In fact we’re now at the point where we’ll have to do more of the work if we’re to get the place liveable without breaking the budget. Inconveniently this has hit us as we both settle back into our day jobs. Looks like we’re going to have to set up some decent night lights.