Day 1 Million and 3

Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but it certainly doesn’t feel like a day under 1 million and 2.

As expected we’ve run out of money. Does that never happen? As a result, sadly, James had to let all our wonderful builders go and being the perfectionists they all are, one could tell their biggest regret was that their unfinished business was now about to be finished by US.

You could just see them screaming ‘NOOOOOoooooooo’ as they drove off.
IanIan receives the news that all his perfect detailed work is about to be completed by utter novices…
OurBuildersIan, Gary and Sef at least relieved they’ll no longer have to endure¬†insufferable wind.
Stan&MarkIan, Stan & Mark talk fishing.
Trev&TamTrev, Tam & James

So, after a whole lot of wailing and a bit of cheek slapping we pulled ourselves together and faced the fact that we were going to have to complete the thing ourselves and sat down to strategise. James indicated he was onto a a cheap deal, due to parallel importing, of some new building labour straight from the Lyall Bay, Brooklyn, Melrose and Nelson mines. The good thing about them being, you just throw them a dry crust and a warm beer every now and then and they keep turning up.
Kathryn Kathryn with pockets of Pef to seal the windows.Andrew&BertieJames, Andrew sorting the cat door and Bertie
SeanSean, in charge of collecting stray nails.
Jesse and Will painting up a storm.
PipPip getting into all the nasty tricky above your head bits.
Deb&WillDeb & Will with more nasty above head bits.
Hev&JCHev & Jonathan measuring stuff.
Tim&JamesTim & James hammering the windows…?


James, Deb, Pip, JC, Rich (who lives next door and just wants it bloody finished even if he has to do it himself) and Tim with dry crusts and warm beer.WarmBeersHev, Deb, Ange, Jonathan & Jim.

A more informative post will follow soon but truly, madly, deeply, grateful youse fellas, thank you so much. xxx


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