Day number… unsure

Late nights gibbing / painting / sealing / hucking out etc leave little time for blog posting so promised details from the last post are slow to materialise. But I figured I’d just chuck a bunch of photos up in place of words and y’all can write your own story.JamesHall

Jim completing the final gibbing of hall and Neil in bathroom – tiling.
He’s a GEM…

KitchenGibbedKitchen gibbed, standing by for Ben & co to finish the plastering.
Kitchen (minus top) arrives Friday morning.
TimParkThe fabulous Tim of Park & Clarke Ltd. Turned up Saturday morning (after a big night for Pip’s birthday) to take a massive load to the tip for us. Another GEM.
StairsStairs arrive.
StairTeamStair crew arrive. Many GEMs.
OhNoUh oh…
StairLiftYou know they should fit perfectly…
Stairs5How’s the shoulder Tam?
Stairs2Stairs4Stairs3James takes a little break to sit down while everyone else is quite busy holding up the stairs.DebMeanwhile… Deb turns up constantly and paints the nasty tricky oil bits no one else wants to.
Lynleywhile Lynley turns up to paint the nasty ‘above your head’ bits. How many more of those can there be?
SparksJonathon and Paul drilling up a store. – LED lights are us!
WiresHopefully they understand all this…
GibbedHallHall mostly gibbed and us still looking like we care…
NoDeckBack of the house still a wee way away, sorry about the state of the deck Ian…
PaintJobBut the front is one coat away from victory.

Apparently the distant neighbours hate the paint job, one wonders if they’ve clocked the mustard and orange house we currently live in?
ColourSchemeLooking massive from afar.


4 thoughts on “Day number… unsure

  1. Sarah Gunn

    Wow – your house looks amazing.We are helping in spirit. Sorry not very practical assistance!

    xx Sarah

    1. taneac Post author

      Hey, you’re reading this bloody blog… that’s assistance enough. Nice to know someone’s vaguely interested. You’ll have to rock up and check it out though it’s looking great and a long way from when you saw it last. We’ve just finished painting tonight for the kitchen install tomorrow am… exciting.


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