Not long after our little Betty was born in 2002, we decided to embark on a ‘journey’ of such vision and stupidity if defies description. Bought a long skinny section with a totally shagged house on it, got rid of the house, re-located another house onto, did it up and then started building the ‘dream home’ at the other end of the section. Perched on a cliff, with very little cash, the building adventure begins February 2013.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Lala

    Hey you crazy cats – I accidentally used my face book and saw Tanea’s link to this blog. Two things: 1) The most important one – James is this what it takes to make you write? If so halleluiah to the gods of insane house projects if it means we get to read your words on screen. 2) Holy fuck you did it!!
    Meanwhiile Sila and I still live with light fittings hanging off their wires against the bare jib board of a started and obviously unfinished renovation 4 years ago. And each night as we stretch out on our couch to imbibe wine (me) fast-burning carbs (Sila) and and our nightly dose of zombafying television ‘drama’ we look at each others faces made grey by the bad lighting and the reflection off the dark green ceiling paint and say – ‘we must paint this room one day.’
    So hats off to you two – and let us all get off our couches and embark on mad house projects for both the health and satisfaction.

    Love and a kiss to each hardworking building assistant family member – but not the cat(s) – the actual one(s) not the ‘crazy cats’ ones, because I expect it (they) is (are) just lying around all the time like me xxxx

    1. taneac Post author

      1. You “accidentally” used facebook? How much wine are you imbibing?
      2. You’re “imbibing” wine? I suppose you eat olives all the time too you bourgeois wannabe.
      3. Don’t get off your couch and embark on your own mad house project. Get off your couch and embark on ours. If you’re paying attention to the words on screen you’ll see that although the scaffolding is down we’re still far from finished. Get your madness and painting clothes on. Get round here. And kick our lazy cats on the way in, or better yet, dip them in paint and rub them all over our walls.


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